Educational course for adults ①

When Japan was a part of the continent ①Let’s look at the oldest rocks in Oga and inside volcanoes

Learn about Oga Peninsula’s “story of the earth” on this course. What is the story of the earth that began 70 million years ago!?

Duration: approx. 2 hours


1Cape Nyudozaki

(※food and souvenir included)

Shishi Otoshi Cliffs
gift from earth, the birth of “stone-roasted dishes”
Oni no Tawarakorogashi Rocks
magma trail dike
20 minutes by car

2Oga Aquarium GAO

(※food and souvenir included)

the coast in front of Oga Aquarium
the magma trail that extends before the aquarium
Oga Aquarium GAO
Oga and Akita’s sea stories
15 minutes by car
Kankanedo Sea Cave
A mysterious cave!
Monument to the Children of the Aikawa Minami Elementary School Tsunami Tragedy
Memories of the Sea of Japan Earthquake


1boat riding experience

sightseeing cruise
geopark visible from the sea


(※food and souvenir included)

Oga Peninsula Resort Hotel Kiraraka
Picturesque scenery of the setting sun over the horizon