Course for kids ④

Lovers of living things unite!Observe plants and creatures

Observe the plants and animals of Oga City and Ogata-mura on this course. What sort of unusual plants and animals are on a peninsula and reclaimed land?

Duration: approx. 3 hours


1Oga Aquarium GAO

(※food and souvenir included)

Aquarium GAO
The only aquarium in Akita Prefecture
40 minutes by car
Northernmost Natural Habitat of Camellia japonica
The red, passionate city flower!
green tuff
Rock made from violent volcanic activity approximately 21 million years ago
40 minutes by car

3Mt. Kanpuzan

(※food and souvenir included)

Takinogashira Spring
mysteries of nature and water
the jewel of plants
You can observe many plants at Mt. Kanpuzan
30 minutes by car
Ogata Steppe Bird-Watching Facility
breeding grounds for rare grassland birds


Cherry trees and Canola flower road
The cherry and rape blossoms are in full bloom before and after Golden Week.

2KATA no mise Ogata

(※food and souvenir included)

KATA no mise Ogata
Ogata Village specialties and vegetables for sale, snack corner available