Ogata Village volunteer guide group

Our volunteer group will show you the charm of the Ogata Village Geosite and the history of land reclamation! Established in 2002

Guide Introduction

  • Name Toshiko Ishihara
    Prefecture Nagano
    Length of Residence Settler 4
    Words from the guide Information guides inform others about the village through land reclamation history, agricultural endeavors, and explaining through hands-on-experiences. We look forward to seeing you.
  • Name Hisao Maeda
    Prefecture Hokkaido
    Length of Residence Settler 2-2
    Words from the guide There was a time where rice cultivation skill was low and day after day dust swirl in the wind. Today the shadow of that time is gone, however we would like to speak about that time of land reclamation.
  • Name Akira Tsutsumi
    Prefecture Iwate
    Length of Residence
    Words from the guide Together with the association president who loves the nature of Ogata, with children leading the observation as the focus, we perform activities that show the richness of the village’s nature.
  • Name Yuki Fujimura
    Prefecture Akita
    Length of Residence
    Words from the guide Hello! Nice to meet you. I am Fujimura, a full-time farmer of rice crops. Children are my focus as an information guide for the Polder Museum of Ogata Village. I think it’d be great if all of us are excited about the Oga Peninsula – Ogata Geopark as well! Thanks in advance!
  • Name Masao Higuma
    Prefecture Niigata
    Length of Residence Settler 4
    Words from the guide This belongs to both Ogata Village guide volunteers and Oga Peninsula – Ogata Geopark Guide Association. The favorite spot in Ogata Village is the expansive intersecting point of longitude and latitude characteristic of Ogata Village. At the Oga Peninsula – Ogata Geopark, you can see a full 360° view of Mt. Kanpuzan, minature garden of the volcano. We await your visit at Oga Peninsula – Ogata Geopark.
  • Name Hirofumi Tomita
    Prefecture Kagoshima
    Length of Residence Settler 1
    Words from the guide We will guide you around Ogata Village, a new model farm village. Please come visit Ogata Village with its beautiful changing four seasons.
  • Name Takematsu Takahashi
    Prefecture Akita
    Length of Residence Settler 2
    Words from the guide It is important for guide volunteers to be empathetic of others. The land reclamation museum is the entrance to Ogata Village. Please feel free to enter.
※There are other guides not on this list.