Educational course for adults ④

the completion of Oga Peninsula (from the depths of the ocean, to shallow sea, to land)Let’s feel the changes in the natural environment during the Ice Age

Learn about Oga Peninsula’s “story of the earth” on this course. Experience the Earth’s great environmental changes!

Duration: approx. 1 hour and 20 minutes

Anden Beach
Stratum and Rock Museum
Katanishi Plateau
The production area of delicious Oga pears
Monument to the Sea of Japan Earthquake and Tsunami victimes
Memories of the Sea of Japan Earthquake



Kanon Coffee Shop
A shop by the Kotokawa district at the base of Mt. Kanpuzan

2base facility

Oga City Geopark Learning Center
Have fun learning about the highlights of Oga Peninsula and Ogata Geopark.

3Sightseeing spot

Tateyama Park
A park in the Wakami district famous for cherry blossoms