Educational course for adults ③

When the Sea of Japan was formed (from shallow sea to the depths of the ocean)Let’s look for lots of fossils

Learn about Oga Peninsula’s “story of the earth” on this course. Let’s find your favorite out of many fossils!

Duration: approx. 2 hours

Nishikurosawa Beach
Natural History Museum of Fossils!
Kohama Coast
Kobo-daishi’s “streaked rock folklore”
50 minutes by car
Ogre’s Washboard
You may find fossils!?
Azuki Rocks
round rocks found only during low tide



(※souvenir included)

Namahage Museum
Let’s take a look at many different masks!


View of the rice terrance in Anzenji district
Original landscape of Japan visible from a bridge!


(※souvenir included)

Oga Seafood Market
Popular fresh and decadent seafood dishes