Educational course for adults②

When Japan was a part of the continent ②Let’s go and meet the “Godzilla Rocks” sculpted by nature

Learn about Oga Peninsula’s “story of the earth” on this course. Starting with the popular Godzilla Rocks, let’s enjoy “nature’s sculptures” created by the Earth!

Duration: approx. 1 hour

Godzilla Rocks
A rock that shoots fire!?
Gamera Rocks
Godzilla’s rival!
Futago (Twin) Rocks
both standing happily in line
10 minutes by car
green tuff
Oga Peninsula, the origin of green tuff
Northernmost Natural Habitat of Camellia japonica
The red, passionate city flower!
Tsubaki no Shiraiwa Rocks
This looks like a Maitake mushroom?
Rousoku (Candle) Rocks
Before it was known as “Kannon”, now it’s known as “Rousoku” (Candle)


1sightseeing spot

(※toilets available)

Namahage statue (monzen)
A symbol of monzen district!