Course for kids ⑥

From lagoon to village! Bail out waters of Hachirogata!the completion of Ogata Village

A course travelling along the areas revolving around the birth of Ogata Village. Explore new land created over 50 years ago!

Duration: approx. 3 hours


1Polder Museum of Ogata-Mura

(※food and souvenir included)

Polder Museum of Ogata-Mura
Do you know everything about Ogata Village!?
Roadside Station Ogata
There are many blessings of Ogata Village!
5 minutes by car
Hachirogata Lagoon Reclamation Monument
Village birthplace
20 minutes by car
Mt. Ogatafuji
Watch your step and be careful on the summit
40 minutes by car

4Mt. Kanpuzan

(※food and souvenir included)

Mt. Kanpuzan Rotating Observatory
Picturesque scenery all to yourself!?
Plant reservoir
You can observe many plants at Mt. Kanpuzan


Ogata Steppe Bird-Watching Facility
You can observe nearly 80 wild bird species from each season.
Intersection Point of Longitude and Latitude
Only here can you find longitude and latitude intersecting within 10 degree units on the land of Japan