Course for kids ⑤

Oga Peninsula Sengoku Period storiesCastles, generals, and monks

This course takes you around the Oga Peninsula’s castles and temples. Imagine life during the Sengoku Period as you explore!

Duration: approx. 3 hours


1Oga City Geopark Learning Center

Oga City Geopark Learning Center
Have fun learning about the highlights of Oga Peninsula and Ogata Geopark.
20 minutes by car
Cape Oibanazaki
Mentioned in school textbooks!
Ruins of Wakimoto Castle
castle built on a plateau
Tenjinsama no Hosoba no Old Camellia (The God Tenjin’s Old Camellia)
Is this different from a standard Camellia?
40 minutes by car
Akagami Shrine Goshado
This was a temple during the Sengoku Period!?
Namahage statue (monzen)
A symbol of monzen district!
the gregariousness of the dogtooth violet
Ogres made these stone steps of the goshado in springtime in hopes of a full bloom



(※souvenir included)

Oga Seafood Market
This market offers every kind of fresh seafood caught in Oga.

2Sightseeing spot

Dairyuji Rakusuitei Japanese Garden
visitors are charmed by the seasonal scenery as well as the legend of the dragon god Ryujin and the beautiful woman.
It was named after its resemblance to a dragon rising into the heavens.