Course for kids ③

This used to be sea!Investigate secrets about the port, railroad, and dugout canoe

Investigate the secrets behind the development of Oga City on this course. By developing with the natural terrain, Oga City flourished!?

Duration: approx. 3 hours


1Oga City Geopark Learning Center

Oga City Geopark Learning Center
Have fun learning about the highlights of Oga Peninsula – Ogata Geopark.
25 minutes by car
Currently 3 craters can be viewed
Itaba no Dai Caldera
Miniature garden of the volcano!
25 minutes by car
Oga Dugout Canoe
Made from 300 year old Japanese Cedar!
Former site of Funakawa Line Seawall
The surrounding area was sea!?
The second dock seawall at Funakawa Port
Funakawa’s defender!
25 minutes by car
Daisankyo Rocks
Natural stone bridge!
Butaijima Rocks
Han Emperor Wu was here?!



(※food and souvenir included)

Oga Peninsula Resort Hotel Kiraraka
With a breathtaking west coast, this hot spring resort stands on Sakurajima.