Course for kids ②

Master the Oga Namahage!Find the geosite made by ogres

Take a walk on this course at a geosite that revolves around “Oga no Namahage and Ogres”. Adventure to a mysterious place where ogres may still live!

Duration: approx. 5 hours


1Namahage Museum/Oga Shinzan Folklore Museum

(※souvenir included)

Namahage Museum
Let’s take a look at many different masks!
Oga Shinzan Folklore Museum
Enjoy a Namahage stage performance!
20 minutes by car

2Cape Nyudozaki

(※food and souvenir included)

Oni no Tawarakorogashi Rocks
Understanding the wonders of nature
Stone-roasted dishes
Fiery hot traditional dishes
40 minutes by car
Stone Steps which Ogres Built
Watch the folklore of the origins of Namahage
Akagami Shrine Goshado
This was a temple during the Sengoku Period!?
Reflecting well
A one year health forcast!?
40 minutes by car

4Mt. Kanpuzan

(※food and souvenir included)

Oni no Kakurezato (Hidden Ogre Village) Rocks
Understanding the danger of volcanoes
Mt. Kanpuzan Rotating Observatory
Picturesque scenery all to yourself!?


1Boat riding experience

Sightseeing cruise
Geopark visible from the sea