Course for kids ①

Hone your senses!Investigate nature’s sculptures and the flourishing of creatures

Enjoy “nature sculpts” made by the Earth on this course. Have fun searching for interestingly shaped rocks and fossilized creatures!

Duration: approx. 3 hours


1Oga City Geopark Learning Center

Oga City Geopark Learning Center
Have fun learning about the highlights of Oga Peninsula – Ogata Geopark.
30 minutes by car
Ogre’s Washboard
You may find fossils!?
10 minutes by car
Tsubaki no Shiraiwa Rocks
This looks like a Maitake mushroom?
Northernmost Natural Habitat of Camellia japonica
The red, passionate city flower!
10 minutes by car
Godzilla Rocks
A rock that shoots fire!?
Gamera Rocks
Godzilla’s rival!



Oga Seafood Market
This market offers every kind of fresh seafood caught in Oga.

2sightseeing spot

Namahage statue (monzen)
9.99 meters in height. A symbol of monzen district.