Polder Museum of Ogata-Mura

5-2 Nishi Ogata village, Minamiakitagun, Akita, Japan 010-0445 TEL +81-185-22-4113 FAX +81-185-22-4115
Opening hours
9:00~16:30 (※Last admission is at 16:00.)
Closed days
April~September: The 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month October~March: every Tuesday of the week New Year’s holiday (December 31st~January 3rd) (In the event that a holiday falls on a Tuesday, we will be closed on the following day as well.)
Admission fee
General admission, students: 300¥ (250¥) Elementary, middle, and high school students: 100¥ (50¥) The fee shown in parentheses( ) are for groups of 15 or more people. Admission is free for customers with a Physical Disability Certificate or Rehabilitation Certificate and their attendants.
Learning Support
Comprehensive learning assistance on land reclamation and agriculture utilized by the Oga Peninsula – Ogata Geopark properties