What is the Oga Peninsula – Ogata Geopark?

At geoparks you can learn about the history of the Earth and have fun at the “park of the earth”. In this “earth”, landforms and stratum are a given, however it also includes the nature that makes up the surface of the earth such as hot springs and gifts such as agricultural, forestry, and fishery products, and the culture and history fostered by the people who lived there.

The theme and characteristics of Oga Peninsula – Ogata Geopark

Approximately 30km on each side, this relatively compact geopark contains the history of the earth spanning 70 million years into the past, observable complete stratum in near succession, including the separation of the Japanese archipelago from the continent, the formation of the Sea of Japan, and environmental changes due to large-scale climate change that continue through the present day. Also, born from “Hachirogata” the largest lagoon in Japan, Ogata Village is Japan’s largest land reclamation. This gift of “the story between people and land” can’t be found in other geoparks.


the story of the earth and the people who developed the peninsula and reclaimed land


The “Oga Peninsula – Ogata Geopark” encompasses Oga City on the seaside of central Akita, which holds a large portion of Oga Peninsula protruding from the Sea of Japan, and Ogata Village neighboring on the eastern side, created from reclaimed land in Hachirogata Lagoon.

the charm of Oga Peninsula – Ogata Geopark

Along with the natural history museum of stratum and Oga that changed the Japanese archipelago, the manmade land of Ogata was built on the second largest lakebed in Japan. This is the only geopark in Japan where you can see the history of people in sequence and the history of the land from when dinosaurs roamed 70 million years ago to the present. The history and culture represented by the “Oga no Namahage”, nature, in addition to plants and animals, cuisine nutured by the abundant gifts of the earth, and the lifestyle of the people that shouldered all of this is blessed as “the story of people and earth”
男鹿半島・大潟ジオパーク 拠点施設とジオサイトのマップ

この地図の作成に当たっては、国土地理院長の承認を得て、同院発行の2万5千分の1地形図を使用した。(承認番号 平27情使、第49-GISMAP36137号)

男鹿半島・大潟ジオパーク ジオサイトスポット一覧

Timeline of Oga Peninsula – Ogata Geopark

September 2008
At the Geological Society of Japan citizens seminar conducted at Akita University, professor at Akita University (at the time) Tateo Shiraishi proposed the idea of an Oga, Katagami, and Ogata area geopark.
December 2009
Began examination and advance arrangements according to the administrative level
March 2010
Promotional conference launched for the “Oga Peninsula and Hachirogata Geopark” initiative
October 2010
“Oga Peninsula – Ogata Geopark” initiative and renaming
January 2011
Japanese Geoparks Network associate membership
February 2011
Cooperation with Akita University on geopark activities including conclusion of the partnership agreement (Oga City)
April 2011
Submitted application to become a Japanese geopark
May 2011
Exhibition presentation for admittance as a Japanese geopark
August 2011
on-site review by the Japan Geopark Committee
September 2011
Japanese Geoparks Network membership approval (September 5th)
March 2012
Action Plan 2012 established
August 2012
“Oga City Geopark Learning Center” base facility opens
September 2012
the first Tohoku Geopark Forum is held
March 2013
Oga Peninsula – Ogata Geopark formal homepage exhibition begins
December 2013
Akita Prefecture Geopark Liason Committee established
March 2014
Oga Peninsula – Ogata Geopark Promotion Council authorized guides founded (13 members)
May 2014
Chairman Watanabe (Oga City Mayor) inaugurates the director of the Japanese Geopark Network (reappointed May 2016)
May 2014
Guide association for authorized guides of Oga Peninsula and Ogata Geopark established
May 2014
Ogata Village Volunteer Guide group and the Oga Peninsula – Ogata Geopark Promotion Councoil authorized guides become an organization
October 2014
“A geopark festival where you can study the earth” is held at the 29th National Cultural Festival Akita 2014
February 2015
Oga Peninsula – Ogata Geopark Promotion Council new authorized guides founded (15 members)
June 2015
Akita Prefecture Geopark Research Association established
September 2015
Japan Geoparks reauthorized investigation of current conditions report submitted
October 2015
“Polder Museum of Ogata-Mura” base facility geopark corner expansion renovation
November 2015
Japan Geopark reauthorized on-site review by the Japan Geopark Committee
December 2015
reauthorized as a Japan Geopark (on the 14th)
March 2016
Action Plan 2016 established
May 2016
Akita Prefecture Geopark Liason Committee, geopark activities promotion petition submitted to the Akita prefectural governor
February 2017
Oga Peninsula – Ogata Geopark Promotion Council new authorized guides founded (7members)